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Monument Design
Monument trend probably the easiest to observe in the cemetery. Older cemetery is full of big, clumsy stone blocks. Such was the trend. Honor - what better memorial building. This view prevailed in the mid eighties. Currently, hustle small, round, moderate paminkliukai. Changes of stone technology has made it possible to create complex forms monuments, tombs and sculptures. To commemorate someone close enough to tombstone or tiny table with a name on it. Most prefer the traditional monuments with crosses.
Some sculptures can only makes sense to solve them only pastačiusieji. Angels, saints, wings, even the love scenes in the world to show that the warm feelings of late - ever. This is only a small part of the ingenious and eye-catching our ( monument in the cemetery. Too early in life išėjusiesiems built monuments symbolizing the heart of granite, marble.
The stone or granite carved image of the deceased dare not for everyone. This is a great sorrow on every visit to the tomb. Younger people offer a reminder to choose lighter colored granite and stone monuments. Decorated with bronze monuments or other non-ferrous metal parts dare not frequent customer. All is well aware that the cemetery besišlaistantys "metallers" can draw attention to the original bronze accents.
Districts preferred traditional black granite, crosses, and customers of the big cities, if pocket allows, the tomb is decorated with a colored stone compositions. Elderly people still need images of saints, the Virgin Mary painting reproductions, striking photographs of the deceased. Wish we did not even astronomical. Clients sometimes request a monument associated with the profession of the deceased, then a more original monuments.
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